ERISA at 50

ERISA Moments

Take a quick dive into the exciting world of ERISA with Faegre Drinker benefits and executive compensation attorneys Fred Reish and Brad Campbell. In this quick-hit series of updates, Fred and Brad offer a high-level view of current trends and recent ERISA developments.

ERISA Moments Ep. 25: The Fiduciary Rules and the Impact on Advisors and Insurance Agents

ERISA Moments Ep. 24: The Final Fiduciary Regulation and Exemptions Explained

ERISA Moments Ep. 23: ERISA Litigation Odds and Ends: ESG, Crypto and Forfeitures

ERISA Moments Ep. 22: An Update on the DOL Fiduciary Proposals: A Race to the Finish

ERISA Moments Ep. 21: The DOL Fiduciary Proposals and Rollover Recommendations

ERISA Moments Ep. 20: Automatic Portability of Safe Harbor IRAs and the DOL Guidance

ERISA Moments Ep. 19: The Fiduciary Rule: Effective Date and Lawsuits

ERISA Moments Ep. 18: Plan Sponsors and SECURE 2.0: IRS “Grab Bag” Guidance

ERISA Moments Ep. 17: The DOL Fiduciary Proposal’s Impact on Banks and Trust Departments

ERISA Moments Ep. 16: DOL Fiduciary Hearings and Comment Letters: Part 2

ERISA Moments Ep. 15: DOL Fiduciary Hearings and Comment Letters: Part 1

ERISA Moments Ep. 14: What do PTEs 2020-02 and 84-24 Require For Rollover Recommendations?

ERISA Moments Ep. 13: Rollover Recommendations Will be Fiduciary Advice…And What About Withdrawals?

ERISA Moments Ep. 12: Unexpected Fiduciaries: Wholesalers, IMOs and Others

ERISA Moments Ep. 11: Rollovers: What PTE 2020-02 and PTE 84-24 Would Require for Rollover Recommendations

ERISA Moments Ep. 10: How PTE 2020-02 Will Be Changed

ERISA Moments Ep. 9: Who is a Fiduciary? The Proposal’s Three Definitions of Fiduciary

ERISA Moments Ep. 8: The New Fiduciary Proposal: PTE 84-24 and the Obligations of Insurance Companies

ERISA Moments Ep. 7: The New Fiduciary Proposal: PTE 84-24 and the Significant Disclosure Obligations

ERISA Moments Ep. 6: The New Fiduciary Proposal: PTE 84-24 and the Limits on Independent Agents’ Compensation

ERISA Moments: The New Fiduciary Proposal: An Overview of PTE 84-24 and its Impact

ERISA Moments: New DOL Fiduciary Proposal Stirs Controversy — The Impact on the Insurance Industry

ERISA Moments: What Will be in the New DOL Fiduciary Proposal: Our Thoughts

ERISA Moments: The DOL’s New Fiduciary Proposal is at the OMB: What’s Next?

Introducing ERISA Moments: Bite-Size Vodcasts on the Latest ERISA Developments

ERISA at 45

We did a deep dive into ERISA when it turned 45 years old. Check out the resources on the ERISA at 45 page.

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